Testimonials from clients

"The things you helped me to find were so solid and magnified today and the entire audition felt effortless and with a flow. The laughter and joy was really authentic. Thank you so much! It was the most relaxed and confident audition I think I've ever had. And that's a win for me! I brought swag and fun."

Marni White

"It is such a pleasure working with Claudia. She is so professional yet able to take me out of my comfort zone. Working with Claudia definitely sharpened my acting skills. Not only she is great in coaching you in cold reading and preparing for an audition but she always pays attention to details: your body language, proper pronunciation and articulation, and gives you tips on the wardrobe for certain auditions etc. Moving forward I definitely feel more confident walking into the auditions."

Ruslana Sokolovskaya

"You made me feel like a rock star. I've never felt more myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Eileen Kelliher

"Claudia was my first monologue coach at a time when I was just learning who I was as an actor. She helped me relax, find the true meaning of the words, bring realism and believability, and eventually sell the performance in its purest form. Even now, when I have a tough scene or monologue I need to perform for a show or even an audition, I call Claudia first because she takes the time to help me break it all down, and get the real 'me' to come out and shine."

Josh Hyman

"In a very short amount of time Claudia took me from struggling with a monologue to really connecting with the material in ways that make casting directors take notice."

Kathy Richter

"Claudia Bloom has a terrific ability to identify and address the specific needs and strengths in an actor's audition performance. Working with her leaves you well prepared to nail those cold auditions, instead of walking out of the room thinking, I wish I could do that again! And having had the opportunity to audition for Claudia was a real New York experience. Her ability to bring together such an array of colorful and talented actors is a testament to her insight and expertise."

Kate Roe

"Straightforward, honest and easy to work with, Claudia brings a depth to her coaching that really helps the actor to move forward in his or her work. Her many years of working as an actress and casting director, combined with her skill as a teacher, are invaluable to anyone needing coaching on anything from monologues to cold scene auditions for film, television or theatre."

Tony Nation
President/Partner, Actors Connection

"Claudia's coaching sessions are so incredibly helpful and insightful and human, and I really enjoyed working with her. I had a callback for the show she worked on with me and I'm being considered for the production! "

Liz Kimball

"As a coach, Claudia is honest, direct, and supportive with a really fresh approach. The audition coaching I've received from her has had major results for me this year. With her help, and 'go for it' attitude, I was able to snag a major audition with AfterDark Films, and am now a spokesperson for that Company. Claudia has the experience and instinct to set the actor in the right direction. It takes this kind of exploration to really give your best audition.

Rainey Welch

"It is because of Claudia Bloom's eye for talent and access to estimable pools of emerging and gifted actors that three of my plays were well-cast and ultimately successful. Her audition process acumen is unsurpassed, as are her professionalism and knowledge of actors and the roles for which they are best-suited."

Daniel Roberts
Playwright, Audax Theatre Group

"Claudia's actor-specific advice helped take me where I needed to be: confident and relaxed. It put me in a position where not only was I completely prepared for my audition but confident as well. Suffice to say, I'd book the job."

Scott Duffy

"I really enjoyed working with Claudia. She is patient, encouraging and supportive. She is a great coach because she really helps you to flesh out the character. And she cast me in a play where I had the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented group of people."

Alexa Zee

"Claudia Bloom understood my needs as an actor and knew how to guide me in the right direction. When I was coaching with her, she was able to achieve the best from my work - she understood my work and how to connect with me as an actor. In only a few coaching sessions, I felt as if she achieved the best from me."

Sonia Torres